The instrumentation combines standard western instruments from the world of jazz (saxophone, guitar, bass, drums) and traditional Khmer instruments (bamboo flute, xylophone, and the one stringed violin)

This original music project is based on using two types of musical themes. (Mezcal Jazz Unit has already used this same approach in projects carried out with traditional musicians in India, Laos, Vietnam, and Nigeria…. (

- The first types of themes are traditional Khmer melodies adapted and arranged to create openings that enable the group as a whole to play together. It is the path the French musicians take towards Cambodian music, trying to respect the codes and nuances of the music.
- The second type of themes are composed for the occasion by Emmanuel de Gouvello taking into account the specificities of the instruments, range, and scales available to the Khmer musicians. Here it’s the Khmers who take the path towards the French musicians and their way of playing (improvisation, and rhythms).

Eight musicians on stage

The French artists in Mezcal Jazz Unit:

©Photo: E.Riley
Emmanuel de Gouvello: electric bass

Daniel Solia: drums

Jean Marie Frédéric: electric guitar

Christophe Azema: saxophones

+ Alexandre Scarpati: trombone



The Khmer musicians from Cambodian Living Arts:

©Photo: E.Riley

Lun Chumnith Sopaneth:
Kse Diev (monocord)
Kloy (bamboo flute)

Phan Chamroeun:
Tro Sao (asian violin)

Sour Vanna:
Roneat Ek (xylo)


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