Gặp Lại Bạn      Gặp Lại Bạn      Gặp Lại Bạn

After carrying out multiple musical collaborations in Vietnam over the last ten years, Mezcal Jazz Unit opens a new chapter with the original Franco- Vietnamese musical collaboration, " Gặp Lại Bạn "


Vietnamese artists:

  • Trần Mạnh Tuấn: saxs, compositions
  • Nguyễn thu thủy ou Nguyễn Thế Dân: traditional violin
  • Hải Phượng: zither, bamboo xylophone
  • Nguyễn Anh Tấn: mono-cord, lutes
French artists:
  • Emmanuel de Gouvello: bass, compositions
  • Christophe Azema, saxs
  • Jean Marie Frédéric, guitar
  • Vivian Pères, drums
The objective of this new musical adventure is to take the sharing of the two musical and cultural worlds already established in the "Tim Gio" project even further.

The residencies and concerts combining Vietnamese and French musicians in France and in Vietnam revealed a very productive compatibility and interaction between the sensuality of Vietnamese music and the more intellectual approach of western Jazz. New directions appeared as the work evolved such as the use of vocals

Where do we go from here?

We would like to focus on the following elements:
- The use of vocal genres that are still thriving in Vietnam, but have disappeared or are less common in France such as street singing and poetry singing. We will integrate aspects of traditional songs into original compositions.
- The development of instrumental improvisation with the Vietnamese performers who are keen to explore a jazz approach to improvisation

We will put the emphasis on a collaborative dialogue between traditional and western instruments, respecting musical and cultural sensitivities in a way that the outcome will meet with enthusiasm in Vietnam as well as in Europe.